Mid Range (80 lb.) Crossbows
These bows were very popular as a sporting and cavalry bow in the late 15th and 16th centuries. They are rather oval in cross-section, and come with tapered head, cheekpiece, and veneer top, with quarrel rest. Sideplates are wood. Come with one arrow - take your best shot!
Rent: $60.00
Buy: $255.
Shooting Darts
For those of you who loved Ace Ventura - Pet Detective - these state-of-the-art shooting darts may be filled with whatever chemical you choose.  Poisons sold seperately.
Rent: $1.00/dart +chemical
Buy: $TBD

Object-throwing trebuchet
Trebuchets were the final stage of development in the line of medieval siege engines; they followed catapults, onagers, ballistas, and such implements, and preceded the changeover to gunpowder. They're also a lot of fun to use to fling things around.
Rent: $30 - $200 (depends on size)
Buy: Make your own (it's fun)
People-throwing trebuchet
The rider would be thrown clear when the arm reaches this position. The rider should stay upright throuought the ride, and land on his feet.  In tests, a simulated person (a chunk of wood) landed in exactly the same spot in the pool on every throw. (Pool not provided. We do not guarantee that person will land on their feet.)
Rent: $500.00
Buy: Not for Sale at this time
Blow Gun
Lightweight and deadly accurate, our blowgun features a range of over 250 feet and a muzzle velocity as high as 350 feet per second or more. This blowgun is made with .40 caliber, TEFLON coated seamless aircraft aluminum tubing ,and comes equipped with a custom manufactured anti-inhale mouthpiece to ensure against dart inhalation while providing maximum airflow. 
Rent: $15.00
Buy: $24.00

Hoyt Compound Bows
Extremely versatile, it excels in any shooting condition - making it the finest high-performance, all purpose bow available.  It's forgiving axle-to-axle length, moderate reflex design and torque-eliminating grip all come together to deliver a level of speed, accuracy and consistency like no other bow made.  MagnaTec.  It's ready for anything.  Much like you.
Rent: $60.00
Buy: TBD