El Cid Swords
The medieval sword used by the Spanish Hero,and made famous by Charlton Heston in the movie El Cid..
Rent: $20.00 per successful stab
Buy: $125 each sword
The Wallace Axe 
Named for the Scottish hero who battled
 the English at the end of the 13th century. A must for those who trace their ancestry to the highlands. 
Rent: $20.00 per duel
Buy: TBD
Medieval axe (small) 
Hardwood handle, steel axe-head.
Blade 4", Axe head 6" Overall length 14 1/2" Use for the duel or to make cool bubbles.
Rent: $10.00
Buy: $15.95
Scottish Sword (Single Handed)
Reproduced from a 16th century museum piece, it combines great size with graceful lines. This sword was used with devastating effect by highlanders of old. With it's distinct brass or steel drooping quillons, quatrefoils, pommel and complemented by a macassar ebony handle, you can't help but feel like you were actually there. 
Rent: $35.00/duel
Buy: $289.00
Sword of Darkness (for when you're in that sort of mood) 
Sword of Darkness features an intricately carved antiqued cast metal handle and simulated black granite grip and satin finished tempered stainless steel blade. 
Rent: $45.00 (Psych-eval required)
Buy: $139.95
Knight's Dagger
The latest edition in United's Legends in Steel Series,
classically styled medieval knights dagger patterned after 16th
to 17th century European stilettos. Features include a double
ground blade and an authentic twisted wire wrapped handle.
Blade is stamped with a knights crest on the back 
Rent: $20.00
Buy : $64.95
Barbarian sword (by Gladius) 
Obviously designed for the well-to-do barbarians among us, this grand weapon is massively hilted in a melee of writhing serpents and fire-breathing dragons, its hidden dagger guarded by a nest of cobras.
Rent: $25.00
Buy: TBD
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