April 1, 2000 Press Release
Press Release Announcement

  Americans for a Civil Culture (AFCC) is pleased to announce the dawn of a new 
  era in alternative conflict resolution.  We are prepared to offer a less 
  expensive and more personal alternative to arbitration, Federal Courts, or 
  State Courts.  Unlike many of today's ventures which rely on unproven theories 
  or technology, AFCC will offer a time-tested and traditional paradigm combined 
  with the latest in modern sophistication and contrarian techniques. 

  An AFCC spokesperson stated:  "We feel it is the perfect time to re-enter the 
  market for dueling services.  Although the dueling arena has fallen into 
  disfavor, we assert this is a result of a lack of suitable offerings rather 
  than a lack of underlying demand.  In fact, today's modern Internet 
  communications offer an unprecedented playing field on which offenses of honor 
  can and do occur.  For the first time in the eCommerce age, we will empower 
  the offended party to seek satisfaction." 

  While the challenged party always has the choice of weapons in a duel, AFCC 
  will always offer the weapons of choice.  Whether the choice is edged steel, 
  blunt instruments, ranged weapons, wet trout, rubber chickens, or choices 
  drawn from other cultures and traditions, AFCC delivers. 

  It is the intent of AFCC to seek a "special duel dealer" license under Nevada 
  Law.  (See http://www.leg.state.nv.us/nrs/nrs%2D366.html).  A southern Nevada 
  venue offers many advantages, including sale of gaming rights and proximity to 
  the Nevada Nuclear Weapons Proving Ground. 

  Starting this week, a team of 25 experienced web developers will compete to 
  produce the company website.  Look for the winning design at 
  http://www.duels-r-us.com soon.  No duels will be sanctioned or permitted 
  until AFCC completes the website and obtains all necessary permits.

For more information, contact Mike Benveniste at mhb@webwhat.com