German War Hammer
Light, fast and deadly.The hammer is believed to be English, and dating from about 1530 AD.
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The hurlbat was one of the most popular offensive weapons of itsday. If you've never seen one before, you might take it for an
 axe. And, indeed, it does have an axehead. But pointed spikes extend from the back and top of the head, and bottom of the grip, giving it something to damage an opponent no matter what part lands first.
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Black Shafted Mace
Black Shafted Mace-thinner shaft provided excellent balance and quickness. Copied from a German mace of  1460-2490.
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War Hammer
The war hammer quickly evolved and became one of the premier weapons. Generally, it was lighter than the mace, and faster. Often it was made somewhat longer, so that the reach could be extended, but also shortened if need be.
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Basic 2x4
For all you lumber jacks out there!
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