F-4 Fighter Plane
Precision flying and shooting, this plane is ideal for air-to-air  (or if you prefer, air-to-land) duels.  Valid aviation license required.
Rent: $300,000.00/duel + $50,000.00/missile
Buy: Price to be negotiated
Due to the exotic nature of the Hummer, it has no real competition. Upon introduction, all trims are equipped with a standard 6.5-liter, V8, 195-horsepower turbo diesel engine. A 4-speed electronic automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on all trims
Rent: $600.00/duel
Buy: $70,000.00
Sherman Tank
This M-10 Sherman tank is approximately 30 tons, has 3 inches of armor and a high-velocity 75 milimeter cannon, and can travel up to speeds of 20 to 30 miles per hour.  For our WWII veterans & enthusiasts.
Rent: You've got to be kidding
Buy: ditto